Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) Hire

The following have been put together to provide a reasonable selection of commercial companies that provide Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) hire in England

ACE do not endorse, make any recommendations or offer an opinion on the listed businesses, the listings are provided for reference and it would be prudent to make enquiries about any company before paying in advance or giving your bank / card details, unfortunately a professional looking website does not necessarily mean that it belongs to a professional or legitimate organisation.

We have compiled the following from web searches and have no 'customer experience' of them, we are not paid by any of them for the listing.

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Adapted Vehicle Hire - Uxbridge Chorley Stanford-Le-Hope - www.adaptedvehiclehire.com 


Allied Mobility - www.alliedmobility.com


AMK Chauffeur Drive - Liphook - amk.co.uk


Amvale Mobility - Scunthorpe - www.amvalewavs.co.uk


Angel Vehicle Hire - Portsmouth - www.angelvehiclehire.co.uk


Brotherwood Automobility - Sherborne - www.brotherwood.com


Disabled Care & Mobility - Cheltenham - www.dcmglos.co.uk/hire-centre


Mobility Vehicle Hire - Birmingham - mobilityvehiclehire.net


Saxons Self Drive (part of Practical Car and van rental) - Kent - www.saxonsselfdrive.co.uk


Specialist Vehicle Rental - Birmingham - www.specialistvehiclerental.co.uk


WAVSGB (part of the Roberts Group) - Bath - wavsgb.com