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Disabled Access, Wheelchair walks, Easy Access, Access for All, Mobility, Walks on Wheels, Miles without Stiles - whatever the term the following is all about accessibility to the countryside and green spaces of Pembrokeshire

Walks Greenspaces and Countryside

Easy Access Beaches from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Beach Wheelchairs from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park


Angle Bay to Popton Point (Rhoscrowther) - A full size road in good condition with occassioal traffic. The soutern section has gradientsleass than 1:250, the middle section is a bit steeper - 1.6 km

Angle to Old Point House Pub - There is limited parking at the start beside picnic tables. Gradients within BTCFA standards, but the surface can be potholed - 750 metres

Blue Lagoon (Abereiddi) - Part concrete, part hard earth and rock path. Blue Lagoon is quite a stunning feature – a deep quarry flooded by the sea - 300 metres - Archived PDF download

Bosherton Ponds ( Stackpole) - There are views of lily ponds, and access as far as Broad Haven beach - 1.8 km

Carew Castle, Millpond - Accessible route around Mill Pond - A stone path now bound with cement, the gradients are to BTCFA standard although it is not a steep path, the crossfall is negligible, and there are seats along the path. 450 metres - Archive PDF download

Castle Hill Tenby - This tarmac path is on the cliffs overlooking Carmarthen Bay and is quite steep in places, it may be too steep to get right around for those without help. 400 metres

Cwm yr Eglwys to Pwllgwaelod - Purpose built concrete path with frequent seats along the route. There are good sea views at each end. 1 km - Archive PDF download

Dale Airfield - One of the airfields built for the invasion of Europe. Flat concrete and asphalt flat surface with some bumps 1.3 km - Archive PDF download

Wiseman’s Bridge towards Saundersfoot Harbour - This is an old tramway, in effect a promenade on a sea wall.This path has been surfaced as a cycle track – 3m wide asphalt, the cross fall is negligible, and as this was a railway line initially horse-powered there is no obvious gradient at all. 1225 metres - Archive PDF download

Goodwick Parrog (Fishguard) - Part pavement, part brick-type surface, there is no discernible gradient or cross fall, and seats and interpretation boards are provided along the path - 700 metres - Archive PDF download

Haroldston Chins ( Broad Haven) - A stone path now bound with cement, the cross fall is neglible. The last 20 metres is no steeper than 1:12, and the rest of the path is no steeper than 1:20 - 370 metres - also see Haroldston Chins - South - Archive PDF downloads

Haverfordwest - Race Course - The Northern half of racecourse path has inner tarmac path suitable for wheelchairs and prams.

Lodge Park Wood - Stackpole estate is run by the National Trust and has a number of assets including two paths, a leisure activity centre with specialised disabled accommodation, Mencap garden, shop and a cafe(seasonal) - 350 metres +

Lydstep Head - This is a mostly grass path, but because of the grazing (rabbits, sheep, horses) and the thin soil on limestone, the grass is usually very short. 400 metres

Lydsway Bay (St Ishmaels) - A project that focuses on removing obstructions to chairs, choice of length of walk - Archived PDF download -

Fishguard Fort some steep slopes 100 metres - Archived PDF download

Minwear Forest Walk - Minwear Forest Walk can be started from Minwear Picnic Site in Minwear. - 1 1/2 miles

Newport Parrog to Iron Bridge - This path is purpose built rolled stone path, with seats provided along the way. The surface of this path suffers in the winter from flooding on occasions, 1.1 km - Archived PDF download

Newport Parrog to Lifeboat Station - This route includes a short paved raised causeway, and also goes along a section of the beach with hard sand/rocks. Most of the length of the path is on an access road, and there are many seats along the way - 700 metres - Archived PDF download

Pembroke Castle - This is a tarmac path with gradients to BTCFA standards although it is not a steep path and the crossfall is negligible. 600 metres - also see Archived PDF download

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (Walks for all) - Some walks have been surfaced to provide access for wheelchairs, others are footpaths or bridleways where the natural surface has not been changed. As a general guide, we have divided the walks into 'Easy Access Walks' and 'Adventure Walks'.

Scooting Around in Pembrokeshire - "A guide to accessible "walks" in Pembrokeshire produced by the Pembrokeshire access group. These routes are well within the capacity of most electric scooters and some are accessible by manual wheelchairs with assistance."

Skrinkle Haven ( Manorbier) - This site was part of an MOD missile testing range, now owned by the National Park Authority. The route follows the tarmac road and concrete test sites. 600 metres - Archived PDF download

Solva Quayside - The path is along the promenade, and is part smooth stone track and part asphalt on sea wall. 800 metres - Archived PDF download

St Davids Airfield - One of the airfields built during the Second World War, declared surplus in the 1980s. The National Park acquired it and manages it for nature conservation and quiet enjoyment. Flat concrete and asphalt surface with some bump 2.4km - Archived PDF download

St Govan’s Head - This is a tarmac private road with gradients to BTCFA standards although it is not a steep path, the crossfall is negligible. - 1.8 km - Archived PDF download

Stacks Rock to St Govan’s - This is a serious length of path which is effectively a road with various surfaces -part tarmac, part rough stone track and part beaten earth. - 4.5 km - Archived PDF download

Stepaside Ironworks Circular Walk - This is a short walk over tarmac, multi-user path, gravel and grassy paths - the latter are quite steep.

The Gann - Access along a spit of land that separates saltwater lagoons from the estuary. The lagoons were the source for the aggregate for the concrete used to make Dale Airfield. 250 metres

The Point Path (Little Haven) - The path is of a brick type surface. The gradients are to BTCFA standards and crossfall is neglible. There are seats provided along the path. - 300 metres

Walks for All - Pembrokeshire Coast National Park - Some walks have been surfaced to provide access for wheelchairs, others are footpaths or bridleways where the natural surface has not been changed. As a general guide, we have divided the walks into 'Easy Access Walks' and 'Adventure Walks'.

Wiseman’s Bridge to Amroth Old Road - This is a sealed surface cycletrack about 3m wide with no cross falls. 750 metres


Country Parks

Llys y Fran Reservoir & Country Park - A disabled accessible trail is now open within the wooded area south of the Stilling Basin - also see this Welsh Water leaflet

Scolton Manor Country Park - Green Flad Award - (ACE note - we have been unable to find any accessibility info for this site please contact us with any access info.)


Nature Reserves

Corsydd Llangloffan NNR - An accessible boardwalk runs for a kilometre along a circular route through the reserve, direct from the roadside gate.

Stackpole NNR - 1.5km of wheelchair accessible lakeside path, which links both the National Trust’s Stackpole Centre and the site of the former Stackpole Court to Broadhaven Beach.

The Welsh Wildlife Centre - accessible toilets, cafe. "The easy trail around the site makes it easy for people to access. All the trails have varying levels of access and a map of the trail is available from the reception"


Other Useful Link

Access Guide (Pembrokeshire) - "Every disabled person, planning an outing, asks the same question: "Will it be accessible?" One learns that descriptions and assurances, about accessibility, cannot always be relied upon. All too often, an eagerly planned outing is all but ruined. That is the starting point for this guide. "

Beach Wheelchairs - at Saundersfoot, Haverfordwest, Kiln Park in Tenby, Whitesands Beach near St Davids, Newport sands and Broadhaven near Haverfordwest.

Easy Access Beaches (Pembrokeshire Coast National Park) - "This section will describe them with details on ramp type and gradient, car parking and toilets. The type of beach and suitability for wheelchairs is also offered along with information on where specialized beach wheelchairs can be hired." also see this site

BikeMobility - specially adapted bicycles for use by the public on an indoor and outdoor track – Haverfordwest Showground

Pembrokeshire Access Group - working with Pembrokeshire County Council and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority to make more walking opportunities available to disabled people

Pembrokeshire County Council - Access Guide - Blue Flag Beaches - Viewpoints - Towns & Villages


Short Walks on the Pembrokeshire Coast’ by Ed Tamkin is published by Kittiwake - The walks have been surveyed and traversed using a standard wheelchair, and are designed for wheelchair users, families with children in pushchairs or buggies and walkers who simply prefer a short, gentle stroll.


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